why i write


I write about a lot of things, but namely, this is a blog about love.

I write because since the age of 5 (cotton candy, gel pens, and POGS if you can remember those!) it’s how I have absorbed, processed, and sought for understanding in life. I have about 36 volumes of journals to prove it.

I used to write about sleepover parties, friends, and Bronco games with my family. Later, I’d write about athletic dreams, failed “crushes”, and my weird obsession with the TV show, 7th Heaven. Post-teen years brought poems, letters, adages, and creative pieces on travel, spirituality, and trust – especially with friendships in our lives.

Yet, in the last 5 years, I’ve realized how deeply important it is to capture – to remember – the people placed in your life (and why). To that end, how can we love better? How can we love at all? I began asking those questions. And, I began writing answers.

We are incapable of ever fully grasping the ends, dynamics, nuances, and speechlessness of love. It’s inexpressible. So, now, that’s why I write.