“I’ll be 100”

I had two important conversations last week. One was like a perfect glass of orange juice on a Saturday morning, glazed with pulp and fine laughter too. My Sunday small group sat comfortably in a circle, grazing on hummus-infused sandwiches and crunchy tortilla chips when one of my newer friends remarked, “I’ll be 100,” before […]


Who Am I? (part three)

Frankie: Father, that was a great sermon….made me weep. Father Hovak: What’s confusing you this week? Frankie: Oh, it’s the same old, “one God-three God thing.” Father Hovak: Frankie, most people figure out by kindergarten that it’s about faith. Frankie: Is it sort of like snap, crackle, pop, all rolled in one box? Father Hovak: […]



Fancy permulate brilliant delicious ideas. Chemo letter to my lover anything and everything. Columbine shooting Boulder breaking through sizzling. * These are the words humming in the room just off of Colfax and Race Streets in the Milheim House (built in 1893) where I’m attending my first workshop, class, session – whatever you want to […]