The Experience

bye (for now)

Hi there. This morning I took a walk in the Seattle-esque damp mist and watched moms, dads, babysitters, grandmas, and neighborhood friends in black mini vans drop their little kiddos off for school. I remember that distinctive feeling of finishing up with school. Summer is upon you, yearbooks are being distributed, and pools are opening up. […]


“I’ll be 100”

I had two important conversations last week. One was like a perfect glass of orange juice on a Saturday morning, glazed with pulp and fine laughter too. My Sunday small group sat comfortably in a circle, grazing on hummus-infused sandwiches and crunchy tortilla chips when one of my newer friends remarked, “I’ll be 100,” before […]


experiencing lance

In preparing to pursue God purposefully and intensely in just a couple of months, I have been reflecting upon some of the times, moments, and memories where I remember thinking, “He is here.” I’ve captured some of them. Just small glimpses, pictures, and sensory expression, any video I have captured only gets a small part […]