Hooker, Oklahoma

Hooker United Methodist Church (one of many Methodist churches along the corridors across lone highways of mid-Western America) is a beige-bricked building not far from Hooker Elementary (where bikes for them youngins’ are left unlocked!) and town center. With a population of around 2,000 people, Hooker is a small, small rural town in the Oklahoma panhandle (Texas […]


see you soon.

On paper it looks exactly the same. In August 2013, I made the difficult decision to not extend my Peace Corps service in Rwanda for a third year. America, I was coming home! I made a similar choice recently, once again as the summer months came winding to a close, turning back on an almost […]


eyes to see

* If you catch a girl walking to the bus-stop with perfectly ironed black dress pants, 3-inch heels, and beautifully placed hair, you can be sure of one thing: it isn’t me. Look further. Yeah, you will have to peruse further than the nearby bus stop. Most days, at least as of last week, I […]