Eat Together Anyway

The table of Thanksgiving offers us this opportunity to not only empathize with the imperfection of ourselves and others, but to celebrate the goodness, beauty, and loveliness of ourselves and others, too. No matter the brokenness, the victory, the celebration, or the heartache, we’ll eat together anyway.


Like Swirling Dandelions

How do you explain a mass shooting to a survivor of a genocide 22 years prior?  Moreover, how does the description of hate translate through linguistic nuances; the conception of struggle expressed through words; the acknowledgement of pain vocalized with storytelling? Like an assembly line issuing product after product, I can’t help but wonder if the hate I meet in […]


and yet.

I see the work of your hands, galaxies spinning a heavenly dance God, all that you are is so overwhelming… I delight myself in You, captivated by your beauty I’m overwhelmed by You. God, I run into your arms, unashamed because of mercy  There is no one more beautiful. –Big Daddy Weave, Overwhelmed * I […]