writing & me

I am a writer – and so when it’s hard to do, I allow myself to trust the process and carry it me where it needs to go. This never fails. Honestly. Even with writer’s block, there’s always something I can bring forth in my heart, soul, and mind and express it on paper. Writing is magical like that.


where i am from

Where I am From by Heather Newell I am from orange and blue skies roughly framed By domineering pioneers and treacherous fourteeners Oh Rocky Mountain High From crumbles of granola falling on my bicycle rolling, shifting, and pushing outdoors at all costs. I’m from front range crusin’ the Continental Divide revealing and navigating West, always […]


march on, cowgirl

  Pumps ain’t the knee high stilettos of Cosmopolitan glamour, Smack. Click.                            Slam. They are boots not so much made for walkin’ But actually for talkin’, harpin’, and raisin’ hell. A no-nonsense Kansas farm girl with an Attitude to boot- Literally. The holy- And I don’t mean Jesus- Worn shoes were just that, though, Hers. […]