experiencing lance

In preparing to pursue God purposefully and intensely in just a couple of months, I have been reflecting upon some of the times, moments, and memories where I remember thinking, “He is here.” I’ve captured some of them. Just small glimpses, pictures, and sensory expression, any video I have captured only gets a small part […]


beyond boxes.

People fear boxes. Lost Angels, one of the many, many documentaries available to be screened on Netflix shares the story of people living on Los Angeles’ famous “skid row”, where an extraordinary amount of people live with no place to go. The term itself originated in Seattle in the mid-19th century. In fact, at that […]


Dear Lance.

Lance, I am writing an open letter to you because you have given me no choice. I was ready to mail you one that I had recently written to the Salvation Army just the other day, but you are no longer there. You have no phone. I don’t know how else to find you. So, […]