Hooker, Oklahoma

Hooker United Methodist Church (one of many Methodist churches along the corridors across lone highways of mid-Western America) is a beige-bricked building not far from Hooker Elementary (where bikes for them youngins’ are left unlocked!) and town center. With a population of around 2,000 people, Hooker is a small, small rural town in the Oklahoma panhandle (Texas […]


Josy’s Ibitoke

So. It’s no secret. I love bananas. It IS the food of Eastern Rwanda, where I spent so much of my time while a volunteer. And even since being in Kigali, I’ve continued to cook the stuff. A couple weeks ago, our helper around the house taught me her method to her recipe. I have […]


“the real world”

For the first time since I was a teacher in Rwanda, I walked into a high school classroom. And because the last couple of months in Rwanda were on holiday, I hadn’t entered a classroom since late October. Not to mention, this classroom was a bit different. Each student sat at their own, personal desks […]