Coming face to face with realities and experiences that we do not know are what I believe to be the strongest instigators of positive change in attitudes, relationships, and understanding.

Here is a snippet of a film that will likely make you cry, smile, laugh, cringe, and question in a matter of 80 minutes.

Human, was created via the avenue of storytelling and interviewing to highlight the experience of existing in this world. Through love and joy, violence and hate, the creators of this film seek to reach the core of the human experience.

To view the entire film, click here. Otherwise, check out the sneak peak below. I’m so glad someone has used their gifts, talents, and passions to make this.

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Heather Newell Oglesby

Hi! I'm Heather. I am a writer and counselor in-training. I share stories so we can keep the magic of being human alive. I spend a great deal of time going on long walks with my wife, rollerblading, learning, and traveling to find new adventures. By day, I work as an Education and Employment Specialist for Jefferson Center for Mental Health, working with adolescents who have experienced their first episode of psychosis. A Colorado native, I love dark-roasted coffee, sunshine, and succulents. Enthusiasm, passion, and possibility: that's me at my best.

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