the evil fire

smoke and haze are blinding but somehow you continue to see.

piercing, raging, you scream.

it stains and with time leaves beyond ragged scars, transforming open wounds to sickly reminders of what is pulling, sucking, and pushing you away.

unable to resist, power is bred. you are the primary target, the primary victim, the primary source of deceit.

pain is a side effect but the symptom is escape. you can leave at a moment’s notice but like oil catching to flames, when you return the fire is deeper, red, and rising into an unstoppable abyss.

shattered promises and dreams lie motionless like broken glass. memories develop burnt edges and corners while despair, fear, and desperation become the keys you use to move further along, opening and closing doors to a place no man has walked.

but look!

over there. a small, fragmented window is open.

framed with chipped paint and disjointed screens you glance only for a second. but a glance is enough. the shredded white curtains fall aimlessly over an obvious truth. there’s a way out.

take the window. climb out. save yourself from the evil fire.

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Heather Newell Oglesby

Hi! I'm Heather. I am a writer and counselor in-training. I share stories so we can keep the magic of being human alive. I spend a great deal of time going on long walks with my wife, rollerblading, learning, and traveling to find new adventures. By day, I work as an Education and Employment Specialist for Jefferson Center for Mental Health, working with adolescents who have experienced their first episode of psychosis. A Colorado native, I love dark-roasted coffee, sunshine, and succulents. Enthusiasm, passion, and possibility: that's me at my best.

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